Monday, February 23

It's a Minkey!

Frankenstein loves his new toy! Mr.Eleven got to plan a dream day for himself on Sat. He chose Breakfast at Cracker Barrel and a visit to Bass Pro Shops (a huge chain store full of taxidermy critters, shooting galleries, a fudge shop, water fall and huge fish tank. I took a bunch of photos but they unfortunately got deleted). I have to say these places freak me out! But I went along with a smile to make TBIH happy. He got some fishing supplies and we picked out this cute minkey for the Chug (that I must say has nothing to do with that monkey that got shot or that horrid was just cute and we knew Frankenstein would love it)....and he loves it!

To start off the new week, we go forward, with a smile at the sweetness of a Chug careing for his Minkey!

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