Thursday, September 4


Just a quick post before we hit the road again. Yesterday was a marathon. We got up early and drove up to Philadelphia. TBIH dropped me at the foot of the "Rocky" steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Then went to a work related event just outside of town. I had a full day of art! I got to see the Alexander Calder Jewelry show. I will go into more detail later. But it was cool!

On the way home we met up with our good friend Kevin who I adore. We had a nice dinner and it was a nice break from our long drive. Along the way we listened to convention coverage on the radio. during our dinner conversation Kevin said he never read the comments on blogs, because they are too mean spirited. I agree. But I do read them. I had to question why I do. This morning it came to me. In NY when I walked down a street information was in the air. I was thinking of when we had the big black out a few years back. I was in a bargain store just about to buy some cute shoes, when the lights went out. I didn't know at the time that the entire city was having a black out...I found my way out of the darkness to the street, having to leave the shoes behind. I started to walk towards the subway. With every step I heard a few more words of info. Soon I learned, that all of NY and beyond had no power, that the subways were not running and I would have to walk all the way home across the bridge to Brooklyn. I never stopped walking and never talked to anyone. But I was fully informed.

The black out is just an example. My point is, just by walking down the street you get info and you hear what people actually think. That is why I get drawn into the comments on these blogs. (Birds and bees just don't give you that, not even Frankenstein does that) I am mainly talking about the political ones, I for instance wouldn't read comments on Perez Hilton.

We also had a fun get together on Monday...cute kids with cute Frankenstein! was really nice and I got to meet some new people, who were really cool. One little kid finger got shut in the door, poor little guy! But he is a tough little guy. I was the kid that got hurt at family events when I was a kid, so I related.

I better get packing, we have a beach to go sit on! I should be back and marching forward very soon! I am fueling up on ideas, images and taking time to contemplate. I am taking photos too, that I will share

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