Wednesday, April 9

fish kidnapped!

We have been putting off cleaning the pond, waiting for a nice warm sunny day. But yesterday the pond had, had enough. It was so scummy the filter was barely running. So late in the afternoon we decided it had to be done now! In this photo we can see that the surface was more like a black mirror than a fresh pond.
First we pumped out some pond water into the mini pond. This is where the fish will stay while the pond gets drained and cleaned. They need to stay in water they are used to.
Here we see the great fisherman. With his trusty net he will scope out each fish and hand me the net, I in turn released each fish it in the mini pond. Since we both worked at this task, no photos.
Here we see the fish in their home away from home. But not all the fish were scoped. Our favorite fish, Skeletor, our one and only koi, who we thought was hiding in the fish castle (a group of cinder blocks in the bottom of the pond) was gone! We lost track of how many fish we moved. But it seemed like less than 8. So we may have lost more than one fish. Where did they go? Who kidnapped my fish!? It is a backyard mystery.

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