Thursday, April 10

Bombus Fervidus?

Well I think that is what it is. The common name is Golden Northern Bumble Bee. They have Pollen baskets on their hind tibia, I read it in a book...hum, baskets built on their legs...I feel a drawing coming on. I found this guy by the pond the other night, he was slowly fading as the temp dropped. I put him in a safe place. Hoping he would come to to life with the sun rise. When I checked on him the next morning, there was a small hole in his head and he had been sucked dry!...breakfast for someone. Right now he is resting on the big globe..inspiration!

UPDATE: a tip from a new friend leads up to believe this may be a Bombus vegans worker, check it out here.


Anonymous said...

you mean bombus fervidus, and it isn't that. More likely it's B. vagans or something similar... take a look at the yellow hairs on the abdomen. It looks like it's yellow only on the first two segments (look carefully under the hairs to see where these end and pick up), and fervidus is yellow on segments 1-4.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I checked it out and I think it is a Bombus vegans worker..It looks to me like the yellow hairs are in the first 2 sections of the abdomen. I really need some better glasses!
Any other bee knowledge you would like to share, please send it my way, it is appreciated!!