Tuesday, April 8


Thinking of eggs, getting ready to paint the deviled egg globe. I have been thinking of it as a message from the past. A teaching tool in images. also all the egg stories in my memory are perkelating, here are a few:

When My Macedonian grandmother dyed all her Easter eggs with red clothing dye (we were not allowed to eat them).

The time our dog ate all of our colored Easter eggs, while we were away visiting grandma. One dog + about 12 eggs and shells = lots of dog farts!

Our pet ducks, Elton John Duck and Olivia Newton John Duck laid eggs in secret hiding places all around our yard. We found some of them months later.

The year I spent working at an egg farm. It was my job to put the eggs in the cartons. We worked in the chicken coup. there were about 2000 chickens around us all clucking and pooping, it was very stinky and dreary. The farmer lady put the eggs on a egg machine and they kind of marched towards me, then fell into slots according to weight. She used to speed up the machine in a very sadistic manor. The eggs would come at me at higher and higher speed. In order to keep up I learned to pick up 5 or 6 eggs at a time, in each hand and place them in, extra large, large, medium or small cartons. It was like Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory!

When I was in High school my best friends dad always had a big jar of eggs pickling in beet juice on the kitchen counter. The eggs become a beautiful purple, even the yoke becomes a green that if allowed enough pickling time became purple too. In order to truly become part of the family I had to eat an entire pickled egg. I can recall the texture, it was rubbery and kind of hard and, yes, it tasted like pickles.

When, for a special Springtime group of 5 birthdays, party we made special birthday eggs. We painstakingly blew out the insides through pin holes punched in each of 5 eggs and filled them with Jello. Green Jello eggs in the shell! We also colored the outside of the shells. It was the hit of the party!

Eggs being the source of life and a favored food for many species seems to be a ripe subject for Art. I found a few examples here here and here. We shall see what happens next...


Anonymous said...

Your blog is a delight. keep it up

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Thank you, will do!