Tuesday, January 8

What is in the back yard...

While I was posting the last bit, I heard some banging and scratching coming from the Lizards room. She was at her door trying to get out. It got unseasonably warm here, 74 degrees yesterday. So the Princess of Green got to sun in the yard. I just got her set up out there, she is so happy!
In the second photo you can see the mess she has made since her hormones have been ragging. She is normally very clean and not so active. I have since washed all her bedding and it looks spiffy again. The other day she made a poop that I believe was a partially formed egg. They can either lay eggs or their body absorbed the eggs. She has never laid eggs since she has lived with us (we have had Truman for about 9 years). Since she laid the egg, she has started to settle down. I am relieved this only happens once a year and I think she is too.

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