Tuesday, January 8

Crochet a base

Throughout the holiday season I got the craft bug. One of the things I made was a felted eye glass case. Well, that is what I tried to make. I over shrunk it and now I use it for a mini wallet. I saw some crochet graffiti when I was last in NY. I love what they are doing! Anyhow, I got the idea for a base for the Globe. My first idea was to get some industrial felt for the base, but finding it has been a real pain. So I thought why not just crochet one?
I felted in the kitchen sink so it wouldn't shrink as much as my eyeglass case did. I like it. I could still change my mind about it. But for now it is the base for the Globe.


Kristin Anderson Barrick said...

Thanks for the mention!

100 dresses... hmmm, perhaps we've found a new summer project for ourselves.

We'll keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

please do. I love what you do!