Tuesday, January 8


It was hard to photograph due to the glare. I used a lot of Damar Varnish last night. I was afraid the paint was going to slide off the surface from the honey like medium mixed in the paint. It was a great surprise this morning when I went out to the studio that the paint did not run. Just a small drip from the Lilly pad umbrella the little fish is holding. The Globe looks like a gem, like something very precious and rare. It looks cooler than it photographed. I am encouraged! It is a slow process painting on a round surface. I think the fact that I have to put the paint down so carefully, has helped me be more thoughtful. I can't wait to start another one! Onward!


Anonymous said...

i love this one too. i really adore the colors you work with. both earthy and dreamy.

congratulations on this awesome work.

Anonymous said...

Kate, thanks for all your great comments. It has been like Christmas morning finding all you lovely comments under my stories!