Tuesday, January 15


I had to move globe painting operations into the house. It is just too cold out in the studio. If the temp was consistent I could deal with it. But the swings in temp from 70 to 30 and below are just too much. It effects the way the paint feels and dries. I set up in our kitchen. I have good light and can move around the globe freely. Mr. Eleven likes the smell of oil paint and turpentine in the house and so do I. Our NY apt. always had the scent of a working studio, so it feels like home to us. I am painting in style now, with heat and running water near by!

It is really coming to life. I thought the globe was going to be more muted and more or less black and white. But once some color was on the sphere I knew I had to go all out. It developed as I went along. The color somewhat imitates the colors of the sky throughout one day. The morning sky colors are warm yellows that give way to light blue, the blue gets richer till it goes to black the black mutes into Dawns purple-grays that return us to yellow. The images are moving around the globe on different visual levels. The movement is something I have been striving for for years on flat canvas. I am excited about the possibilities.

Today I bought another globe. I am thinking of trying Encaustic on a globe too. The transparent quality of Encaustic would really lend itself to my globe projects. I am way more excited about working on a sphere than a flat surface right now. I don't know if I should count these as part of The 100 Dresses Project or as a side line. I can work that out later. It really doesn't matter.

I bought a few bowls to try as a base for the globe. So far nothing is right. Now, I have a few extra bowls for the kitchen. I still have other ideas to try out. The crochet one ended up getting little fuzzy's all over the still wet surface of the globe. It took me a while to pluck them off. In the end the crochet piece is the right shape but the base needs to be a perfect form, that doesn't compete with the globe. Onward!


Judy said...

That's really beautiful. Have you tried the ones that come on the half-circle stand? I guess that moves, so maybe not.

Tracey St.Peter said...

The movement is fine. I need a base that isn't too decorative though. It has to be simple. I am working on it. Thanks for the encouragement! I need it!

Anonymous said...

this is amazing! the colors are dreamy.