Wednesday, January 16

What is in the funny papers, Wednesday

Wednesday is the day I usually post a Wonder Woman comic. Today I am sharing something a bit different. This past weekend Mr. Eleven and I headed out to a huge Flea Market outside of Richmond. We saw lots of cool things from antiques to just about anything someone might want to collect and beyond. I found this great book: The Smithsonian Collection of News Paper Comics. The comics start in the early 1900's and go up to the early 1980's there are so many cool ones. Old favorites like the Katzenjammer Kidz (I did a series of paintings of them, a while back) but lots that I had never heard of. Here are some titles:
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Little Nemo In The Land of Wonderful Dreams
Mr. E.Z.Mark
The Hall Room Boys
Midsummer Day Dream
Hairbreath Harry
Mr. Twee Deedle
The Naps of Polly Sleepyhead
That is just a sampling, there are so many cool ones. The illustrations are amazing. I love that these were in the newspaper accessible to all.
Above I chose to share, first, a panel from Mr. Twee Deedle, 1914. The bottom comic is from: Jimmy, it is from 1915. They are printed a bit too small for me to read. So I am concentrating on the illustrations for now. Once I get over my illustration rapture, I'll find a magnifying glass to read the stories.

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Anonymous said...

those are incredible. the top one made me think for a second of henry darger, though the artist's style and the feel of the stories are very different.