Thursday, January 17

Snow day!

It snowed! This is Frankensteins first look at snow ever. As you can see he wasn't too sure about it.
He stayed on the edges of the lawn to keep his feet out of that cold wet stuff.
The yard looked lovely.
The fish seem to be doing fine.
Look at that cold weather face! Needless to say, he was happy to come back in the house. Mr. Eleven thought Frankenstein might enjoy the snow more if there were more of it. I think he would like it more if it were warmer and less wet. In any case, it is gone now. It morphed into a cold wet rain. It was pretty while it lasted.


Judy said...

Love, love, LOVE the chug!

Tracey St.Peter said...

notice how he is tip-toeing around the pound and using the stepping stones. The Chug ain't no snow dog!

Anonymous said...

Frankenstein, you need deeper snow, so you can roll around in it!

Anonymous said...

snazzy parka!