Wednesday, July 28

The heat

It has been so incredibly hot! As a by product of the triple digit temps our heat pump has been running non stop. Last year I hooked a PVC pipe to the condensation run off from the heat pump. It made a nice little oasis. I added a terra-cotta bowl and pretty little rocks to complete the area. It is a place Truman our Lizard like to hang out. I have seen frogs, toads, birds, bees and chipmunks drinking and lingering in the nice little spot. However, it was over flowing due to all the extra condensation coming down the pipe this week. So, I added a "river" and two more basins. It is even sillier looking now, but that much more enjoyable for the little critters.

I was also able to use the power of the sun to dry my paper mache faster. The Monkey bowl is coming along! He looked so happy laying in the sun.

Onward Monkeys!

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