Wednesday, July 28

life's unexpected distractions

Last Friday Mr.Eleven and I found we had to do an emergency make over on our horrendous little bathroom. It had gotten to the point that I would rather walk up two flights of stairs to use the facilities, than go in 'that' place. When we bought our house the bathroom was a full on 1980's country cottage frilly mecca. The walls, as well as the door were covered in wallpaper with little blue and pink hearts, there were fake flowers and cactus with jiggly eyes glued on them (I freed the cactus and it is thriving in a real pot with no eyes glued to it). My favorite item was a crochet blue toilet paper cozy that looked like a poodle (also with jiggly eyes).

Over the past 4 years we slowly got rid of all the 80's kitsch and I even stripped off the wall paper. After a drainage problem the floor was ripped out. We were all set to renovate this past Winter, when we saw the price of tile and balked--broke down and gave up. It was basically abandoned with raw cement floors, black glue marks, walls that had bits of wallpaper and glue stuck to them. Part of me loved this little hell hole in our home. It reminded me of all the crappy-messy-gross-discusting bathrooms I suffered in NY. So, in a sense it felt like home.

But this time we had to follow through and get the job done. In order to pass an inspection, that will lead to big savings for us. So we worked as a tag team all weekend! We got it done and it looks spectacular. It is clean crisp and modern! We are very pleased and Bella likes it too!

I feel like these 4 days of diversion from my work have gone on forever. I was using my skills, my art skills that is, so in that sense it wasn't so bad. Now that it is done I am ready to roll--

Onward Monkeys!

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