Monday, September 13

Yay Kirsten!

As readers of this blog know I am represented at the Eric Schindler Gallery here in Richmond. There is a cool story on my favorit gallery director Kirsten Grey here! She is all that and more! I feel very lucky to have her in my life and honored to be in her stable of artists.

On the subject of local publicity, I got a little myself this month. You can find the photo above in the September/October issue of R-Home magazine on page 24. They were looking for work under 300. I am currently making some things that will fit that bill. But none of it is camera ready. I dug up a few older things and they chose this little painting I did way back in the 80's. It is a sweet little painting and for 200 bucks it could be yours! If anyone out there would like to come by for a studio visit and search my archive, there are some deals to be had. Kirsten also has some drawings and small wire sculptures of mine at the gallery that are under 100 bucks--yes it is true!


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