Wednesday, September 15

What's up Wednesday

This lovely Wednesday finds me regrouping. I have an illustration due soon and need to get rolling on it. First step, making clean surfaces in my studio. While organizing I found a bucket of old brushes soaking in turpentine, only the turps had long ago evaporated. I was taught and always believed: "take care of your brushes and they will take care of you"! I normally would never leave brushes over long periods of time soaking and for sure not in turpentine. Linseed oil is far better soaking bath for the brushes. Ideally washing them after painting is best. I let these brushes down. From caked on thick goo on the handles, to the brush hairs being dried and bent with paint on them and still more goo. It was a mess. First the brushes soaked in fresh tups for a day. Next, I gave them an over night bath in a combination of oxy clean and my old friend Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Oil Soap. It worked like a charm. They are happily drying on my counter and will join the other brushes soon--ready for action!

Yet another step towards painting!
onward Monkeys!

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