Friday, July 24

He's off!

He's off!
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Happy Frankenstein Friday!
Frankenstein is full speed ahead, hunting chipmunks. Lately he has been obsessed with the leopard frogs by the pond. They are always there and they jump when he sniffs them, very exciting! Just like a perfect dog toy. But they are not toys so I have to step in and refocus his attention. I say the frogs are our friends, like Truman. Then one leaps into the pond, kerplunk! Frankenstein reacts as one would expect, he goes crazy, the best toy ever!

I am full speed ahead too. I finished the painting I was working on. It got me back into my work in the best possible way. I am excited to start another and this time I will share it with the Blog. I have needed to keep my work to myself for a while, as I refocus. But things are starting to feel 'right' again and I should be zooming ahead, like the Chug by the Summers end....till then

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