Tuesday, July 21


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Here we are at 20 portraits. I was going to get dressed up and make myself pretty for the occasion. But then I thought, you have been painting like a mad man and you are a complete slob, that is where you are today...so here I am warts and all! I posted two today, (If you visit my flicker photo stream, by clicking on the photo, you can view the other one). It is soooo arty! But who cares?!

I also posted a bunch of photo's from our yard, the gourd trellis and some flowers. The gourds have been a blast to grow. They are grabby little suckers. They have a lot of character, for plants. I think of them as part Punk and part dancing synchronized swimming plants from Disney's Fantasia. They latch on to anything in their path, like chairs and other plants, but always look like they are dancing. They have a not so nice scent, but they make up for it with their, pleasing roundness and especially the first few days, fuzz.

As my second portrait of the day suggest I have been painting. I won't go into it because complaining is such a drag. But, it is HARD!


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