Thursday, December 11

Sawdust and Dobermans

Last week I spent most of my time in the studio sanding boards. Twice as I was exiting a huge Heron flew past me. I had disturbed it's goldfish hunting in our pond. It was thrilling seeing the big bird so up close and personal.

On our recent trip to my folks home, as we were making seafood linguine. As I was scrubbing the clam shells, I commented on how I could feel the life in the tightly closed shells. Dad didn't buy it. I think you can feel life, the weight and something 'lifey', there.

Well, now when I look at my pound, I can feel, it is empty. There is no life in it, no goldfish life. The Heron took the last of them, I just know it, I feel it. Just an empty shell, water and algae.

I was also laughing the other day at something my brother said while we were in MI. It was my favorite observation of our trip. He simply asked: Is Frankenstein a Doberman?
I love this because in Frankenstein's mind, Yes!..yes he is a big intimidating 1970's meanest dog on the block, Doberman!

I am still playing carpenter. I wear my Carhartt flannel lined paints and a flannel shirt. I get covered in sawdust and use power tools! When the work is over and I can barely move at the end of the day, I do like any carpenter would: I crack a beer and feel complete.


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