Friday, December 12

ok, I will play...

The lovely ms. Brown has tagged me with a task. I have to list 6 random things about myself. Since I like to out myself when I do silly things this is right up my alley. In the spirit of this, I am posting this horrid photo of me, with the Chug. Frankenstein will cover the cute in this post and the Frankenstein Friday element.

1. I held the record for longest field goal kicker in my grade school.

2. I was on the synchronized swim team in High school.

3. I was in girl scouts when I was a Junior in High school.

4. My favorite stuffed animal when I was a kid was a huge frog named Hoggie Frogie.

5. I too (like my friend Mrs. Brown) used to bring on psychosomatic symptoms every time we had to play baseball in school. I was in the nurses office on a weekly basis, during baseball season. I hated playing baseball!

6. I broke my collar bone playing football when I was in 7th grade. I jumped up to catch the ball and a much bigger boy landed on me.

So there you have it nerdy-nerd nerd...that is me!


Purl Scout said...

hey...didn't i used ot beat you up in grade school? just kidding. i am an even bigger nerdy-nerd nerd. and i think we may be even on the tomboyedness. thanks so much for playing. your responses are golden.

Anonymous said...

I like our mutual tomboyedness! But, I think I get extra nerd points for the synchronized swimming! Thanks for picking me it was fun.

Anonymous said...

I was on the safety patrol longer then any kid in my grade school. I think that is pretty nerdy. I don't remember baseball bring on psychosomatic symptoms but I disliked it a lot. When I was probably ten I was in a park baseball league and somehow played third base. This was unusual because I was not a good baseball player and that position was reserved for the better players. In one inning I made all three outs. That and the time I got a hit and split my pants up the rear and had to continue the game with that embarrassing condition were the only things I remember about it. I also am guilty of No 2 on Ms. Brown's list.

Purl Scout said...

andy goldworthy. that's the guy i was telling you about. watch this and then crave more like mad.

Anonymous said...

Wow I love the earth art guy!!! Super cool! I think next Spring I might do some secret, surprise earth art in my yard.

Yep me too..I bet most folks have pulled a Mrs. Brown number two at least once...Oh that sounds so dirty!