Monday, February 11

What the heck is going on with the globe?

Well it has been a long road for globe number 2. The plaster I thought was the perfect solution fell right off the surface. In large sheets. It was like peeling a hard boiled egg. The problem with the globes is that they come with this horribly inaccurate raised topographic surface. I left it on the first one because I though it would bring attention to the surface. The idea of using the globe was partly to bring attention to a global view. But the bumps look more like bubbles under the surface, more like the worms from Tremors, than Mountain ranges.
So I though why not subtract the worm bumps instead of trying to build up around them. So sand, sand and sand some more, I sanded down into the cardboard. It looked really cool. I think a coat of clear glaze would have made a nice conclusion to this project. But I have other plans.
After all the sanding. I sealed the surface with an oil primer
coat. I still need to prime the very bottom. But it is looking clear and white and pretty close to perfect. You can still pick out a few latitude and longitude lines. But they won't compete with the paint. I am itching to start really painting!

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