Tuesday, February 12


Today was our primary election. I was expecting long lines, but we just walked right in and there was no line. They told us it had been a steady flow but no lines all day. I am used to voting in NY, where there is always long lines and confusion. With a last name like St.Peter I was always getting put on a different list. Some time they filed me under Stpeter, or Saint Peter or Peter, St. But no problems today.
I was so excited when we got out, we got polled! Well it wasn't really a poll, it was a lady from NPR. She said she was collecting opinions. She asked what we though the most important issue is, and if we voted for who we started out routing for when this process started. She also asked who we voted for, but that was an extra question (she said she asked us because we were so wonderful and spoke so well, Ha! we fell for the flattery and answered the third question). So maybe if you listen to NPR you might here what we had to say.

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