Wednesday, November 5


Obama Superman, close-up
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I am still in shock. No words...lots of tears and a beaming inner peace.


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What is the best way to view the bee men pictures. I went to Flicker but couldn't find them. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Mom, I sent you the link...but they can be found in the set marked: Beeman Land Drawings.

I am reveling in the prospect of The Age of Excellence! The best man won and he represents and surrounds himself with excellence. This makes up for the pony I never got and all the other major and minor disappointments over the years. Happy birthdaychristmasanniversaryday! I live in a blue state and it is the dawn of the age of excellence!
Now, I can get back to the business of being the voice of dissent back to creating things..striving in my own way for excellence! is the word of the day!