Monday, November 17


The Head and I made Paella this weekend. It was our first try and it came out extra yummy! We cooked it out on the grill in the yard, after dark and in the rain. It was easy once you have the pan and sea food lined up. We visited our local fish monger and got really good fresh sea food for our dish.

It was a big food weekend. We also made a visit to our local Super Market. They were having a Holiday extravaganza! Picture one of those giant Mega Super Markets now add a Chocolate fountain and a Nog fountain, to the Fruit and Veggie section. Carolers singing Christmas songs By the Meats and food samples around every corner. We are not talking toothpic sized sampes. These folks were making plates of ham, sweetpotato pie, stuffing and some sort of green! It was like a Christmas party-domestic chore mash up! I found it pretty unsetteling. But just weird enough to be fun.

The local Wine shop was also having a wine tasting food tasting with unussually good foods and large portions. I have never seen so many people in the place! Free+food+wine=a full parking lot!

In short, our weekend was all about food. Tracey is getting larger!..but happy.

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