Friday, November 21

dress-tea cozy-sweater...

I just had to re-post this photo! This is the original sweater-dress I made for the Chug. I later unraveled it and made the one below. I don't know that is is any better, but at least it is not a dress! I am going to make another attempt at it, soon. Frankenstein can hardly wait!
It's back! The sweater that looks like a tea cozy. It was so cold yesterday Frankenstein wore his sweater under his new coat.

Yesterday I managed to plant a few flower bulbs, before it was too cold and we had to retreat to the house. Frankenstein was traumatized by the cold. I looked up from my planting and he was standing there shivering looking sadder than a Chug should ever be. I had to hold him and make a warm nest of blankets by the fire place in the house for him to warm up by. He has no use for the cold!

We are getting ready to get out of here. Holiday visits ahead of us. Our Friends who are going to stay with Truman are in for an interesting week. Truman is in heat.

I think I finished the globe, globe 5! It is too wet to take a proper photo of. It was a long labor that started on Nov. 5th...earlier this week it was at the point where I was screaming for drugs...give me the damn epidural!!! It was a hard, long, painful birth! Yesterday I painted all one point I was listening to Maya Angelou speaking on an NPR show. I was in a good painting place, no ego, no thoughts interfering with process. The only problem was I keep crying, caught up in her words and was making my hands wobbly. I managed to compose myself...and push push, breath, push it out!!



Anonymous said...

Frankenstein better bring all his sweaters and coats to Michigan it is in the twentys today

Anonymous said...

Burrrrrr! I predict he won't spend much time outside, no matter how many sweaters I put on him. He hates to be cold. He will be requiring a mound of blankets near a heater with a view of the TV...maybe some snacks too.
thank you!