Friday, May 30

Frankenstein Friday

Listen...can you hear it? Chipmunks are a foot. Frankenstein listens then picks up the trail again. He has come close but thankfully he hasn't caught any cute little Chippy monkeys today.


KC said...

does anything about friday top frankenstein friday?

i don't think so.

his taste for blood, though--who knew the pup would grow into a killer? watch out, little chippymunks! run away!!

Anonymous said...

I think he thinks they are toys put there just for him...everything is there just for him isn't it?
The monkeys keep making more escape tunnels. It is like Tom and Jerry, they have him running! As soon as they go under the fence or up a tree they chirp at him! It sounds like they are laughing and cussing him out, with little chipmunk fists raised above their heads!..I don't think they are to thrilled with Frankenstein!... Fridays..or any days...