Tuesday, May 27

BBQ leftovers...

We had a nice little get together this past weekend. I was too busy running around to take any photos. However, Our friend Mrs. Brown took some amazing photos. Bridget took some too and when she posts them I will link. It was a perfect day, with perfect light. With great people with their cute kids. The food was along the lines of the movie, The Big Night. Just when you thought you had had your last bite, out came: grilled shrimp, Mr. Eleven's butter burgers pulled pork.....and on and on...
It was a great kick off to our Summer. Frankenstein had the time of his life (well next to hunting chipmunks) with Angus. Angus is a little boy and Frankenstein loves him. They had a blast! The kids spent most of the day drawing with my new crayons. They left me some of their art. Now I have these great drawings hanging on my wall. I think some of the coloring was done by Holly and Tony (Mum and dad to Angus and Noah) but they did a good job too!
After the guest were gone and the fire was out in the pit. Mr. Eleven and I got some blankets and slept out under the stars. It was the perfect ending to a great day.
Yesterday, Frankenstein was still tuckered out and so were we. We lazed around and ate yummy leftovers all day. We were happy zombies.
I got great input on my work from our guests. Ideas to try and directions to follow. I even found my stretcher cradle maker!
I am so grateful and pleased I think I will burst!

Update: I am not sure why I can't link to the photos...I am working on it, sorry about that.


Purl Scout said...

let's try this...cut and paste this link into it...maybe. i'll work on it, too.


we had so much fun. angus won't stop telling me that it is time to go to frankenstein's house again. we may have to watch them closely and make sure that they do not run away together.

you and kevin sure do know how to host a hoedown. good ood good times.

Anonymous said...

I did it! Yippy!
I made a new post and it worked.
You guys are the best! Angus can come and play with Frankenstein any time. It is a mutual best buddy love, they have going!