Thursday, May 22

Bad ass Frankenstein!

Can you see it on his face. The introspection the pride, the, I can't wait to get out side and do it again look. Yep, Frankenstein killed his first Chipmunk today. He kept trying to bring it in the house. We told him to bury it. His first choice of hiding spots was by my tomato plants. I told him no way! He finally chose a place in the back garden area, it is not being used right now so I let him go for it. He carefully dug a hole, with the limp little body still in mouth. He placed it in the hole then, gently pushed dirt over his prize.
I never thought he would actually catch one! He is feeling like the king of the world right now. Long live Frankenstein the great hunter!


Purl Scout said...

he looks proud as fuck!
way to go, killer.
my girls bullied up a baby bird recently and tore it's head off. so not macho or fair, but deadly and hunterly nonetheless.
i love that you told him to buy it and he did. he is a little canine genius. smart + good looking makes the ladies swoon, frankenstein. you know you're the shiz.

Tracey St.Peter said...

It was like he became a wise grown up dog, once that chipmunk was in the ground. He found his swagger!
Yeah, 2 dogs killing a baby bird and popping it's head off is so, not glamorous! But your dogs still rock!

KC said...

he looks so freaking sanguine. (a word rooted in the french word for blood...)

Tracey St.Peter said...

He played with it till it stopped moving. No blood, thankfully!
By the way Frankenstein is a French name too, it means Franks of the rocks.
He is hooked on the chipmunk hunting, he lives for it! But so far he has only got the one. The one he burred in the yard.