Monday, May 19

Arg! Monday!

These are from a few months back, but, I never posted them. I am feeling like this today! Like I could just crawl into a cozy ball and hide.
I missed Frankenstein Friday. I have been trying to catch him with his new stuffed animal. I got him a stuffed rattle snake, with squeakers from NM. He loves it and even though it is about 3 times as long as him, he folds it in half and carries it around the house. I am also trying to catch him singing to his squeaky toy. It is so damn cute. I will keep trying!
Major yard work went down this weekend. Also, after living with Globe 3 for a few days I am really liking it. Just a few minor things and on to the big plaster half globe!
I desperately need a carpenter to make some stretcher cradles for me. But I am so overwhelmed with everything else. I just don't know where to start. Oh, woe-is me!
As for today, today I will cut the lawn. Then I will start attacking my list. The list that just gets longer everyday! Arg!. . . . .o n w a r d. . . .. ... .. ..this is me limping along!

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