Thursday, March 27

Yesterdays drawings

Yesterday the gang went bungee jumping. This guy is standing on the edge of a bird bath..

Sanding spheres all day yesterday and well into the night. It is helping me to slow down and focus. In NY my life and work were hurried, no time for details, get it done and move on. Now I am learning to slow down see the little things, take some time to work things out. The addition of nature in my life has been huge. For a New Yorker I was very aware of nature. My dog walking biz took me to river side parks, dog runs and the mother of all parks, Central Park, daily. For the first time in my adult life I have my own yard. It is a whole new world. Yesterday I sat by our little pond and drew these guys. I am getting to know them better everyday.


Purl Scout said...

i am so into the bird men & beemen.

Anonymous said...

..thanks!..more to come!