Wednesday, March 26

Yesterdays drawings

I want his sweater!
Ruthless behavior in Bee-man land! I put make-up on these guys. I figured if they are going through all this trouble putting on these elaborate costumes, fancy face paint would be a must!

Most of the day was spent sanding spheres. They really are sculptures. Late last night after endless hours of sanding and priming I thought, it is a shame to paint on these! Arg! I am falling in love with the surface. But that is a good thing. We are courting, these objects and I. Things are just getting started...Fasten your seat belts!


Anonymous said...

I love the bird men. It would be great if you could write a children's book with these illustrations.

Tracey St.Peter said...

Thanks! I think the drawings are writing a story..we just have to wait and see where they take us.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to make the faces inexpressive? That's not the right word. They seem to be all potential. Like the emotions are carried by the actions and situations, and the faces have to fit whatever these are. Like puppets. I do notice sometimes mouths or open wider or they wear partial masks.

Anonymous said...

They started out as kind of graffiti
characters I called birdmen, the heads were always the same. In these,the sameness indicates common humanity. They are role playing. So, the action + technique = the emotion.
I am not happy with the open mouth guy. The other guy was so ruthless,he just had to break character.
They are developing as I go. I'll post more in the am.