Friday, March 21

globe progress

Globe progress is slow and it is driving me nuts! I applied a coat of rabbit skin glue to the globe. The hot water/glue melted the glue that was holding the two hemispheres together, it melted on contact and separated. I had to glue the earth back together and use books as weights. I chose a Watteau, Vermeer and a Durer book. Somehow I think that will help. I was listening to some NPR show on the environment all the while. It was an odd or maybe too real juxtaposition.
The plaster is still kind of wet on this side of the half sphere. I had it setting on this side on a slab of marble for days. No air was getting to the underside. It is now resting with the under side up. Mr. Eleven thinks I should use it to serve deviled eggs at the opening. But I am dieing to paint it.

I was able to sand it. But nothing can happen till it is fully dry. It feels really cool, smooth and round.
Arg! All this process is driving me nuts! I am going to have to start some projects that don't require so much prep.

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