Friday, March 21

Frankenstein Friday

Last week when we went to the Vet he not only told us about the possibility of future knee problems for the little dog. He also let me know that at 12.5 lbs he was way over weight! I am the guilty party here, I was giving him a little bit of everything I was eating. I have since put both of us on a diet.
However, Frankenstein has been seeking out peanuts around the bird feeders. Yesterday I found him in the collard green patch and it looked like he was chewing on something. I stuck my finger in the pile of leaves and at first I thought it was poop I had my finger in. But a quick sniff told a different story. It was peanut butter I smelled. It was a stash of suet he was chewing on! I don't know if the squirrels hid it there or Frankenstein himself...but he ate it all! This diet thing is going to be tricky!

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