Tuesday, December 18

Birdmen fly

The Birdmen holiday cards have reached their destinations. Here is a quick look at the process. As I have said before, I am no print maker. But I was feeling very nostalgic when I set out to make these cards.
I remember when I was very young my mom making block prints for holiday cards. I remember the clothes line strung up in the basement and all the cards hanging to dry. That memory got me going on this project.
Now that it is done, I am done with the holidays and ready to move on! I pulled 57 prints and 3 proofs...phew!
I carved a block of linoleum and printed on the shinny side of white rice paper. the shinny side looked like a snowy blizzard. When all the prints were laying on the table to dry it looked like the Birdmen were flying.
This got me thinking about animation and Zoetropes. So the next project is a zoetrope!


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful and we are delighted that one flew to Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

(I'm a spaz with the comment action...love Feather Hell & company)

Anonymous said...

Aw, that is so nice. Me too!...ya spaz