Monday, December 17

Murder Junkies in the House

My last post was embarrassingly sappy. I knew the Murder Junkies were coming to stay at our place this weekend. So I knew everything would balance out. Mr. Eleven was in the band in the 90's. If you don't know about them (sorry I still don't have the ability to link here)you can find tons of info, on line. Believe all the crazy things you hear!
I don't want to go into all the details, because if you are interested you should see one of their shows in person. Expect, a naked drummer and drumsticks going where no drum stick should! The woman who took these photos got up and cut herself with a razor blade while the band played behind her. It sounds horrid. But it was really sort of beautiful...contrasted by the music. But honestly the photos are ghastly! Hence I didn't post them. Mostly I love watching the angst filled kids go nuts. Release. I was smiling like a mom at her kids first ballet recital!
For me it has always been about the love. The purity of it all. Total acceptance, open mindedness the liberation that brings. They are family.
We had a big pancake breakfast and Frankenstein had a blast with all his Murder Uncles. That is me peeking out from behind Paul the singer. The house seems so quiet and empty now that they are on the road. They play in NY tonight.

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