Thursday, June 9

Monkey Fruit Snake

Progress report: This one started way back in Oct. as you can see they were just tape monkeys back in the beginning. I added the stripes and filled them out at the end of last year. Then they sat in the studio where I played with them, studied them and mapped out a general plan of attack. This week I felt I had a handle on this encaustic waxing business enough to start back on the monkey wheel. I figure I put in about 60 hours waxing them so far. Hot work even in the AC, during a heat wave. I am not complaining. I am quite encouraged by the progress so far. They look more like Cheese Monkeys in photo (a really great book by Chip Kidd by the way) or cheese art. But look less like cheese in real life. When the wax is all smooth and a bit transparent the sculpture sings, that is what I am striving for. That is what keeps me hunched over a hot plate shaving wax with a razor.

Onward Monkeys!

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