Thursday, January 13

Monkey progress

Lots of tweaking going on, the Monkeys are getting ready to get their surfaces. Monkey Ball I decided will not have a broken mirror mosaic on it. I loved the idea but the pieces are just too thick and would kill the simple roundness of the globe. I am going to attempt egg shelling the entire thing. I keep thinking what have you gotten yourself into! But the end result has me very excited to get started!

Onward Monkeys!


Anonymous said...

Dam, I should have opened this before I made the other comment. I think the egg shells on the monkey ball is great. I saw it on just the back ground.

tracey St. Peter said...

I am going to cover the entire Monkey Ball, the ball and the monkey--glad to hear I am not the only one who thinks it will work! Two votes for Egg Shell Monkey Ball!