Monday, June 14

meet bella

meet bella
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We have a new member of our family, meet Bella. She was living with some friends, but their home already has 4 kids and a big dog so she was one too many. She fits in here perfectly. She snores and is sweet and Loving. Frankenstein doesn't know what to make of all the weird sounds she makes, but so far all is good! It is so much fun walking them together, we are so happy she came to live with us!



Meg said...

Welcome to Bella! Hope to see you guys at Pug Meetup sometime...

xot said...

Aw, thanks!

Hey if you have any tips on Pugs send them my way. What do you use to clean face folds--and stuff like that.

For now we are keeping the house and her world calm and quiet. She has been through a lot of stress in the past. But already she is like anew dog, content, safe and happy!