Wednesday, December 1

what's up Wednesday

I got a bit further along on this one. Notice the snake has eaten some of the oranges and has one in his mouth. He will also have stripes.

Monkey Mask just starting to take shape, the base is half a globe...

Globe Monkey also just starting to take shape...

2D-3D high relief. The ceramic pieces were drawn by me and made by my mom--there is a mobile made of the rest of the shapes that I am not quite happy with so that will be reworked along with this piece...

These guys are drying in my super hot bathroom. Most of the heat goes right to this room so it is the drying room. Yep, that is my first harvested Luffa from the garden! I picked and cleaned it yesterday.

I am moving forward on all fronts! Everything relates and is moving in the same direction. Yet each project has it's own voice and I am listening. Ears open, eyes open, all senses open--open systems full speed ahead!

Onward Monkeys!

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