Monday, August 16

Whats going on in the yard?

In spite of the harsh hot Summer weather, the garden is doing great!

The Cone flowers died off early this year due to the extreme heat. However, these dried up flowers are the favorite food of the Goldfinch. The bright yellow birds look like new blooms, as they feast on yummy flower seeds.

Garden Bell adds an element of good luck and a haunting ring when the winds kick up.

I have named 2010 the year of the vine--all my vine plants seem to be thriving this year. I mixed some fruit bearing plants in with the decretive ones this year. Check out the squash vine growing over the arch in the flower garden-pretty and practical.

another vine in the garden is this Luffa plant. I trained the vines to grow around the birdbath. It helps to shade the water and keep it cool during the hot days of Summer.

Check out a few more photos of the garden here.

Onward Monkeys!

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