Tuesday, February 16

48 of 52 weeks

I slipped and fell on some ice after our Valentines day dinner. It was a deep iced over pot hole, I stepped on what I thought was flat ground but was actually an icy crater! Not too long ago my dad slipped and fell dislocating his shoulder. On my way down when time seemed to be moving in super slow motion, I thought of him and hoped my fate would not be the same. In one hand I held our hard won left overs. I did not drop or spill them! I landed squarely on my elbow-Youchie! I was sure it was broken. Mr. Eleven came to my rescue and helped me into the car. Luckily it is just a really bad bruise.

I say hard won left overs because it took us about two hours to get our food! It was a really fun dinner that none of the other 6 couples will soon forget. We laughed we cried and we begged for our dinner--at one point the waitress snapped back at one of our pleas for nourishment, "YOU WAIT"! This was at about the one and half hour mark.

Today I am feeling the full effect of my fall--in my neck. Something isn't right. Tomorrow I go to the acupuncturist for help--she works miracles. I am sad because I want to paint. I am sad because I don't like pain.

onward, baby steps, cautious baby steps...

UP DATE: I am no longer sad, my friend Judy has a Valentines day story that made me laugh so hard I cried--in a good way!--check it out.


Purl Scout said...

owie! hope you're feeling better by now, tracey.

oh holy shit....judy rules!! more on that later, right now it's nump time. gotta run!

xot said...

I am, Corrine stuck some needles in me and I feel sleepy but, great! I highly recommend her!

Judy is awesome! It's like the funniest scene in the best mad caped romantic comedy movie ever! Wake up Hollywood!

-thanks Holly!

Meg said...

Whew, glad the arm is feeling mucho better...And WOW, you weren't kidding about your friend's story! So funny and by funny I mean truly horrific. Our thirst pales in comparison!

t said...

Thanks Meg! I do feel mucho better-o!

Oh I am glad you read her story! She makes me so happy. Even when she is telling a story like that one!

Ours was a Valentines day to remember, in it's own special way.