Wednesday, January 13

44 of 52 weeks

The 52 weeks project is winding down. Here I am eating a fresh salad with sustainable sardines on top--yummy! The new year is cranking along and so am I. I will have some big news real soon. It is an egg I am lovingly, faithfully sitting on. Big news to come!

My dad fell off some crappy stairs the other day and dislocated his shoulder--apparently with a loud POP--yikes! Take a second and send some healing rays to him. Also to the people in Hatti. It is just heart breaking watching the images on my TV of the earthquake aftermath.

moving forward,feeling empathy, our humanity, taking baby steps onward.
--here are some organizations where you can contribute to help:
Text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts and charged to your cell phone bill.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to here about old Dad. The clumsy ox should pay more attention to where he is stepping. Also it is some what inappropriate to mention his misfortune in the same paragraph with the tremendous misery that has fallen on the people of Haiti. Old Dad is probably a big cry baby anyway. I can hardly wait to here the big news. Sitting on an egg?

t said...

Is it inappropriate to speak of ones self in the third person?

I agree and apologize for my misstep, it was not my intention to in any way compare the two. In my defense sitting on this egg, is taking up most of my limited mental capacity, (that is all I can reveal at the moment). The result was me basically, puking up this mornings post

--got to get back to my egg...

Cynthia Hartman-Brock said...

Hi Tracey,
I read your post last night and first I would like to extend my sympathy to your father injuring himself, and ask if there is any assistance that your family may need seeing as I live in a closer proximity than you. Secondly, I have to address the person who chided you in an anonymous reply for comparing a close family members injury to the tragic conditions in Haiti.
This person must be a truly insensitive individual with limited mental capacity that they cannot phathom your concern over a close family member while also expressing personal empathy for the earthquake victims of Haiti. Of course the incidents are not related and the scale does not compare, but to refer to an elderly man who has injured himself as a "clumsy ox" strikes me as the height of mendacity and conceit. This person who took it upon themself to lecture you is only mentally masturbating themself, convinced of their own superior humanity but did not have enough heart to extend to you a word of sympathy. It would seem this person is so entirely self-centered that they can only concern themself with an outward show of sympathy for an issue all over the news so to self congradulate themself for their own humanity but did not have the capacity to extend an expression personally. This person needs to spend time in self reflection searching for a true heart. Now that I got that off my mind, how are things going with you. I hope to see you this summer. onward and upward.
Love Cindy

xot said...

Oh boy Cindy I have to tell you something and it is hilarious: My dad is the mysterious Anonymous writer!

Hey, I am glad you got all that off you chest! I really can't stop laughing!--and appreciate you having my back, with passion I might add, after all these years!

See, I figured out it was him when he called my dad,"clumsy ox" and "old", who else would say that--answer: my dad! Hey that is his sense of humor. Also the comments I get here are generally sportive and up beat, so I picked up right off that it was him giving me a poke, 'getting my goat, would be how he would say it.

So if you are still interested in helping a heartless old fart who is a "mental masturbating","insensitive", Self centered", so and so, I can pass along your offer!

Dad dislocated his rotator cup and a piece of bone was ripped out. It is going to be a long road to getting completely healed.

Cheers, my friend! Keep up the passion and empathy!

oh and by the way, I am fine, joined a Golds Gym and have been going 4 days a week and am figure skating 2 days a week.

cindy said...

After I read the comment, I was so pissed. I could hardly sleep that night. I was not going to write, but I felt compelled to do so. If your Dad reads this, I hope he gets a good laugh. I'll Talk to you later. This time I will communicated via your email address. Boy oh Boy What an ass I am. At least you know that I am there to protect you and yours.


Your protector.

xot said...

hee-hee!...Not an ass, just passionate and a true friend! I look forward to hearing from you!

Judy said...

Your dad is hilarious!