Friday, March 6

Frankenstein Friday, empty nests and moveing on..

First of all, Happy Frankenstein Friday! The snow is almost completely just a memory.
Life goes are blooming and the temps are getting warmer. All the water from the melted snow has nurtured the soil.
But there is a lot of clean up to do. There are fallen trees and limbs everywhere.

Our house guest moved out after a months stay with us. So I feel a bit of empty nest syndrome. Also from my work going off to the gallery. It is like a double empty nest whammy!
My way of dealing with it is, getting as much space between me and what was, as possible. So, I rearranged the guest bedroom. Cleaned it, changed the art around. I did the same thing with my living room where WORLD BALL lived before it went off to the gallery. Now the room is full of my War Paintings. A completely opposite mood from WORLD BALL.

The snow is gone so to get past it, I gathered up the fallen limbs and will cut them up this weekend...onward! Onward, it is what I do.

When World Ball comes home next week. I will be well on to the next thing. Oh yes! I have a bunch of new things cooking. I tried to get into the Trapper Keeper Project, but I don't think now is the time to look back. I am going forward! That project is on hold. But froward leaning projects are forming like the next big storm!

Onward...Onward...Onward!...a lovely weekend, new work, new projects and new perspectives await!

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