Monday, February 2


Ivan Hot Buns is the name of this painting, the United Province of Ivandandia is his new Blog. Guaranteed to make you laugh and see things through the weird and wonderful perspective of Ivan! Check it out!

Progress report. I am either sick or am having some sort of allergy attack...I can't afford this right now! Sneezing, coughing, nose blowing and a muffled perspective. It sucks! I talked to my dad on the phone this weekend, he told me they are all sick up there in MI...I really think I caught my cold from him! The power of suggestion?...Empathy?...guilt?...who knows. For now, I am trying not to drip on delicate drawings as I put things together for WORLD BALL. That and drinking lots of tea and eating citrus fruits.
On....sniff, snort...ward!


Anonymous said...

Empathy?...Guilt? who knows, whatever, Dad is better now and Mom is getting there. So the power of suggestion can work again and you can get better. Dad

Anonymous said...

Thanks dad!