Monday, January 26

Cedar Wax Wing poop is coverying my yard, in berry stained droppings

(I know not the best photo)

My computer is not cooperating today. I signed up for Facebook last night and now I can't log in. It is maddening! I have too much to do to fret about it. But I keep trying and it wont let me!...I keep a knock'in but I can't come it!...Oy!

The sounds of Cedar Wax Wings partying in my back yard woke me. There were about 50. They keep emptying out the water sources and pooping all over everything! But they are so pretty they can get away with it. Freak'in pretty people...and birds!

The Head is in NY. I have a ton to do for WORLD yard is poop stained and I can't say hello to my new facebook friends...oh woe is me! Time to drink some coffee, do something productive and stop being a baby!

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