Friday, May 1

Frankenstein Friday

Yesterday, I worked on the front gardens and finally dealt with the Sparrow situation. It did not go as I planed. Basically, the old moldy bird house the Sparrows have been living in needed to be thrown away, it is in a Dogwood tree in front of our house. The tree has a bunch of dead branches, that drive me crazy, they have to be removed. My plan was to get the dead branches off the tree and see if the birdhouse had any babies in it. If so, then I could wait to remove the house till the babes were grown and out of the nest. As I was cutting a dead limb the vibration from my chainsaw loosened the old rotted screw on top of the birdhouse and plunk! dropped out of the tree! It was about 15 feet in the air. When I checked inside, indeed there was a baby bird. He was still moving but not much and very quiet. I reattached the house on a lower healthy limb and hoped the parent Sparrows would return. A while later they came back. It took a lot of hopping from branch to branch and looking at the situation from various angles, but they braved the front door hole, even with their house inexplicably in a new place. I think I wont have to put this on my critters I have accidentally killed in the yard list!...whew!...Frankenstein witnessed all the action from behind the front glass door. So for the record, the old house is still there, all birds accounted for but I only managed to remove 2 of the dead limbs...we can leave it at that.

A happy weekend to all!...onward...

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