Wednesday, April 22

I feel like Wonder Woman on ice...

When I am on the ice I feel like Wonder Woman! I have gone ice skating 4 times so far with Mr. Eleven. He has been coaching me and it's a lot of fun! We go during the day to the free skate session. At that time of day we are basically the only adults there on the ice. It is about 80% little girls in colorful tights, a few little boys and a smattering of other folks. Yesterday they played Disney Radio over the loud speaker, but sometimes it is classic rock. I skate best to AC/DC!
The little girls are fun to watch, they have no fear, tons of confidence and look like little fairies on the ice. Mr.Eleven and I are Hockey skaters, but I would love to dress up like the little figuar skaters!....especally the tights that go over the skates!...some even wear tou-tous!
I fell twice yesterday, once on my ass, splat!..and once face first, at least I didn't land on a kid! The best part about falling is finding it isn't as scary as the fear of falling.
I said I feel like Wonder Woman, but I don't skate like her, yet! It may take a while but, I am getting better each time. I will take some photos to share next time we go...

that's the update....onward!

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