Friday, January 2

A look back at christmas morning with TBIH

On Christmas morning I found these little hints of Spring in my yard.
Mr. Eleven and I didn't do anything special this year. I got up and went for a walk with Frankenstein just like everyday. On our walk we saw some little boys on new bikes. They looked so happy and proud of their sparkly new bikes. When they got close to us, I yelled out to them, "Those bike are awesome"! As they sped down the block they yelled out to each other, "did you hear what she said, she said awesome!...our bikes are awesome!..." I think they were excited and not making fun of my dated 'cool word' usage. In any case it filled me with the Christmas spirit.

When I got home I cut a small limb from a pine in the yard and placed it in a vase on the kitchen counter. I decorated it with blue lights and placed tangerines around the base. It was very pretty I must say. I waited for The Big Irish Head to wake. He stumbled into the Kitchen. Sat under the branch and colored lights, picked up his phone and made a few calls (picture above). Then he asked for a coffee and we talked a bit. About a half hour later he noticed the 'tree', my Christmas gift to him. He said what is that?..and took a sip of coffee.

Sooo, little inspiration didn't go over so well and the spirit died with me. But I realize now, next year I am going to play. I will play Christmas next year! It will be a first for us and we have a lot of catching up to do...but I am ready to play. A lot of my friends are real Christmas lovers, so I have great sources for inspiration...but that is next year....

for is onward to the WORLD BALL!

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