Thursday, June 26


This is the Chug's mug shot. Yesterday I was busy working in the garden and not paying attention to what Frankenstein was up to. At one point I looked up and saw him pushing dirt with his nose by a clump of flowers. When he pushes dirt with that much focus and deliberate care, I know it has to be a very prized thing he has buried. I waited till he was off in another part of the yard to investigate. Sure enough, I moved some of the top soil from his pristine mound. A few fluffy strands of fur that could only be attached to one thing...chipmunk tail! Most likely a whole chippy, I didn't dig that deep. I didn't have the heart to dig it all the way up. Mr. Eleven and I are now wondering how many bodies are burred in the yard. What is the ugly secret that lies below my lovely garden. Jarvis keeps saying it is natural selection. We kind of feel like we are living with a serial killer! But, I love him...isn't that what all the enablers say...But I love him! Such a bad ass criminal!


Purl Scout said...

the injuns planted fish corpses at the base of their crops to make their maise grown strong like bull. maybe young frankenstein is just a seriously old school gardner.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's it, he is a spiritual gardener...just look at that face..not a killer at all!

I was thinking I need to refer to him as Frankenstein St.Peter-Murphy (3names)when speaking of his killing ways.

..wait they used dead fish, what will dead chipmunks bring?!

Judy said...

I love the tough-guy photo!

Anonymous said...

I know he looks so tough!