Friday, February 29

Frankenstein Friday

Mr. Eleven and I just realized it has been one year since we adopted Frankenstein. Here are a few photos from the first week he came to live with us. He has gotten a lot bigger since then. It is hard to remember our life before Frankenstein. I think he feels the same way. Before he came to live with us he was on death row in a kill shelter with his mom and sister. When the rescue group saved him, they named him Big D. He was a 4 legged Oliver Twist! We are a happy little family now. So cheers to our first year together and here's, to many more! Happy anniversary Frankenstein!


Judy said...

His cuteness never gets tired. Every time I see him, my voice goes up an octave--cute, cute, cute!!!

Anonymous said...

me too! I can't believe he has gotten so much bigger over the past year.

Purl Scout said...

frankenstein, the beloved