Monday, February 18

Untitled Invitational

I have been trying to link to the gallery myspace page so you can view the photos of the show. However, nothing I try seems to be working. So if you would like to take a peek at the show, Scroll down a few posts to one named Untitled Invitational, click on the word Gallery (in blue). To view the show photos click on the photo in the upper left hand corner of the galleries myspace page.
The pencil drawings by Jack Lawrence are outstanding. That is an understatement, they are ethereal.
I am feeling the pressure of my own One Person Show, next Feb. So Tracey is in the studio working. Except, the studio is now her kitchen (due to weather and other problems). So the pressure is on..can't talk got to make stuff! I'll post some photos later.

Update: you can not view the pic's unless you are a myspace member. I will go take some as soon as I can.

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